5 places you need to travel to now before they change forever

There have been a couple of overwhelming themes I’ve experienced in the past 16 months, but none as powerful as the fear that us humans are ruining the planet at an alarming rate. That being said, there are some places that are yet to be overwhelmed by this virus.

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The Dinks in Transit guide to the Trans Siberian railway

This is it folks- I’ve come to the end of the first leg of my trip, being the Trans Siberian  railway from Moscow, through Russia and Siberia, then hopping on the Trans Mongolian railway through Mongolia and terminating in Beijing. It’s been an unreal experience and I hope this post comes in handy to anyone planning such a trip.

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Central Mongolia and the Gobi – a photo journal

I’m going to try and do something different with this post – instead of waxing lyrical about how amazing Mongolia is, i’m going to show you in the form of a photo journal. Hope you like it!

I spent 9 days in Central Mongolia and the Gobi and my expectations were met on day one and exceeded everyday after that!

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