The Dinks in Transit guide to the Trans Siberian railway

This is it folks- I’ve come to the end of the first leg of my trip, being the Trans Siberian  railway from Moscow, through Russia and Siberia, then hopping on the Trans Mongolian railway through Mongolia and terminating in Beijing. It’s been an unreal experience and I hope this post comes in handy to anyone planning such a trip.

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The Trans Siberian – route marker 5,642km

Greetings from Ulan-Ude! Same ring as London? New York maybe? No, you’re wrong. More like Poffadder. The towns claim to fame is that it has a gigantic statue on Vladimir Lenin’s head. Ulan Ude is a shower stop for me – I can’t stomach the idea of a 35 hour trip to Mongolia so decided to have a pitstop in this metropolis.

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The Trans Siberian railway and the drunk Russian called Serg

I’m currently writing to you from a town called Krasnoyarsk, about 4065 km’s from Moscow. Getting here wasn’t a small deal – it meant the longest train trip yet – another 2400kms, passing through 2 more time zones and officially crossing the Ural Mountains – effectively the marker that separates the European side of Russia with the Siberian side of Russia.

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Trans Siberian Railway- the first 1800kms

I’m currently writing to you from an English pub called the Britannia, in a city called Yekaterinburg. I guess you could say ‘why am I not in a Russian pub?’, but honestly, I just want to read a menu in English for a change. In the last 2 weeks, I think I’ve inadvertently eaten testicles, plastic (don’t ask) and consumed some pretty nasty tea.

I’ve officially started the Trans Siberian Railway, and will be crossing through Siberia, and Mongolia with an ultimate destination of Beijing in a months time. Technically, the route is called the Trans Mongolian – a 7621 km journey through Russia, Mongolia and China. 

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The Dinks In Transit Guide to Moscow

After 4 days in Moscow, it’s time to bid it adieu as I make my way through to Vladmir tomorrow. But before I hit the road, here’s an update on one seriously interesting city!

First off, I had this idea in my mind that Russia would have a mild to warm climate with it being summer. Was I wrong! It’s as hot as hell – I’ve sweated so much this past 4 days I think I’ve lost 20 kgs. They should call this weather the ‘Moscow Diet’ or something. 33 degrees plus the last few days!

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The Dinks In Transit guide to Saint Petersburg

This post will be the first in a series of posts that serves to be a guide to fellow backpackers on a budget. With a bit of luck, this can help you out when you plan your trip to understand accommodation, budgets, sites and general life on the road.

Saint Petersburg is an awesome city and there really is no reason to break the bank whilst you explore it.

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Saint Petersburg – the first 24 hours

After a ridiculous past 24 hours, I think it’s time to say hi and let you know I’m alive.

I arrived in Saint Petersburg yesterday after 14 hours of flying. I could write something sarcastic about that experience, but it really wasn’t too bad. I watched ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ on the plane, but all that did was make me want to build a bomb shelter and become a doomsday prepper.

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