The journey into Chilean Patagonia

The beauty of Chile being such a long country is that is crosses so many geographic belts so you really get all worlds in one place. After leaving Pucon, I began journeying deeper into the Lakes District. You have to see this place!

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Tibet – a photojournal

I could wax lyrical about this place until the cows come home, but what they say about a picture speaking a thousand words is so true when it comes to Tibet. Here are some photos from the 6 days I spent there. If you’re moderately interested in visiting this jewel of a place, now is the time – the Chinese are constructing up a storm there and I fear it won’t be the same for much longer.

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Central Mongolia and the Gobi – a photo journal

I’m going to try and do something different with this post – instead of waxing lyrical about how amazing Mongolia is, i’m going to show you in the form of a photo journal. Hope you like it!

I spent 9 days in Central Mongolia and the Gobi and my expectations were met on day one and exceeded everyday after that!

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The search for the cheapest flight – why it’s not worth it

The internet is full of blogs, tips and tricks on how to book the cheapest flight. They all go along the lines of ‘book on a Tuesday’ or ‘delete your cookies if you’re doing multiple searches’, etc. Mom, if you’re reading this, a ‘cookie’ is dark magic.

Being on a strict budget for this trip, I thoroughly understand why the business of finding the cheapest flight is an important one, and I risk sounding like a hypocrite typing this article, but here goes anyway.

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