The Mekong Delta in photos

If you come to Vietnam, seeing the Mekong Delta is just as vital an attraction as seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I really wanted to see the floating markets in Cai Rang – where buyers and sellers meet on their boats and exchange money for a massive variety of fruit and vegetables. Here is a photo journal of my time there.


The markets at Cai Rang are an early morning affair, so you’ll be on your boat before sunrise. I opted to not join a tour but instead went down to the pier and found someone that would take me to the market on her boat – it’s a lot more fun that way, and a much more authentic experience.


Part of the Mekong River – houses are literally built up to the waters edge.


A pineapple seller 


More pineapples being sold between 2 boats. It’s really cool to see how trade happens here.


A local woman buying supplies.


More boats laden with goods to be sold. A huge amount of fresh produce is traded here every day.


You can identify what a boat is selling by what is hung onto the pole on the front of the boat.


Pumpkins for sale.


A local man heading out after finishing his shopping.


A chap peeling cabbages – the river doubles as a place to throw away waste too, sadly.


It’s really busy here in the mornings. Great spirit of haggling going on.


Along one of the smaller tributaries of the Mekong.


My boat ‘driver’, Sang, insisted on taking photos of me all the time. Here is the only one that isn’t blurry!


More of the Mekong from a smaller tributary. Its definitely worth getting onto a smaller boat as opposed to a tourist one as the big boats can’t navigate down these narrow waterways.

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