The Dinks In Transit Guide to Moscow

After 4 days in Moscow, it’s time to bid it adieu as I make my way through to Vladmir tomorrow. But before I hit the road, here’s an update on one seriously interesting city!

First off, I had this idea in my mind that Russia would have a mild to warm climate with it being summer. Was I wrong! It’s as hot as hell – I’ve sweated so much this past 4 days I think I’ve lost 20 kgs. They should call this weather the ‘Moscow Diet’ or something. 33 degrees plus the last few days!

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Peru – mountains, jungles and a million reasons why you need to get there

(Archived post)

You can thank my good friend Jet lag for this edition – like clockwork, i’m wide awake at midnight every night since being back in SA. I live like a vampire as a result, but instead of consuming blood, I consume packets of those little litchi and strawberry sweets from Tannie Woolies. 

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T minus 48 days

June 19th. It all begins then.

It’s been a dream of mine to travel the world for as long as I can remember. I’ve had many a beer with friends, strangers and passers by where at some point, the topic of conversation will change to travelling and inevitably, I’d say something like “I want to travel the world and see it all”. Then, I will immediately carry on with my life and do nothing about this dream.

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