The abandoned buildings of Bokor National Park

Exploring an abandoned, derelict church located in the middle of nowhere, in thick mist and no visibility. You’ll shit yourself a little. There’s something about abandoned buildings that intrigues me whilst at the same time, scares me. I can’t help but wander through them and scaring myself a little.

Bokor National Park just outside Kampot in Cambodia is such a place. Here are some photos from a day spent exploring an abandoned Catholic Church and an old derelict Chinese-built casino that shut down years and years ago. This would be the best place to scare the hell out of someone. I would have loved it if my sister was here, she’d never be the same again!


The church is completely abandoned but someone set up an alter. As the building is derelict, rain got in and ruined things. Not creepy at all!


Graffiti on the church walls. As if I wasn’t watching already!


The place is full of echoes. I wouldn’t spend a night here if you paid me to.


To add to the spooky atmosphere, it was seriously misty.


There is also an abandoned casino in the national park. The business failed and all that is left is a huge abandoned structure.


Not exactly a hospitable place now.


Walking into the mist.


Very little visibility in the mist. Certainly made the experience a lot more interesting!

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